Sunday ride on the northside

We’ve had an exciting week! New helmets and jackets, Sarah’s first pillion ride, LLAMAS and all capped off by the arrival of our Sena intercoms – so we decided it was time for a longer ride.

Brisbane to Woodford loop


Brisbane – Samford – Dayboro – Mt Mee – Woodford – Kilcoy – Somerset – Mt Glorious – Mt Nebo – The Gap – Brisbane

Leaving our place in the mid-morning, we were surprised to see how few bikes were out on such a spectacular day. We made our first stop at the Pitstop Cafe on Mt Mee, where we were just one of 3 bikes parked outside. It was kind of eerie, but not unexpected after the introduction of harsh new ‘anti-bikie’ legislation, which seeks to criminalise the use of two wheels, under the guise of ‘keeping the wider community safe’. I’ll be back to this subject as it continues, but be aware that I am a bit like a dog with a bone right now.


View from the Pitstop Cafe

We stopped in at Woodford for lunch, before heading home via another stop at Maiala Teahouse on Mt Glorious. What turned from a simple pitstop for a drink and the loo became an interview when we were approached by a bloke from Brisbane Times looking for our thoughts on the new legislation and police response. You can read the article here. Luckily, he got a couple of photos for us – we managed to forget to take a photo of ourselves the entire day!


Our red beast up front – photo credit Tony Moore


Muppets at Maiala – photo credit Tony Moore


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